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PIHU-PNB’s Instant Help for you

"PIHU" -PNB’s Instant Help for you is a PNB Chatbot - for enhanced customer experience. A chatbot is a feature/functionality which facilitates a conversation (or chat) with the user via textual methods As text based responses are much more convenient than conventional channels. This application will facilitate instant help to customers and increase our quality of customer service.

PIHU on Internet Banking and PNB ONE would be used for resolution of customer queries (FAQs) related to Bank’s Digital Products- Internet Banking, PNB One, Debit Card and Credit Card.

Currently PIHU – could be found on pre login page of Internet Banking and soon will be available on PNB One also.

PIHU will enhance customer service experience and eventually will reduce customer complaints and queries. Also as most of the peers are already providing this facility, it is contemporary need also.

As it is a pre login facility, user don’t have to register and no login or registration is required customers as well as non customers can access PIHU.

If customer is not satisfied with response of PIHU they can mail query to care[at]pnb[dot]co[dot]in or contact on our toll free number 1800 1800, 1800 2021 for resolution. For Credit Card related queries get in touch at 1800 180 2345 or email at creditcardpnb[at]pnb[dot]co[dot]in. Also they are advised not to share banking account or other personal payment details to PIHU.

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