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`PNB` means Punjab National Bank. It also includes all its affiliates, assosciates and subsidiaries unless specified otherwise.

The `contents of website` includes all matters, data facts, figures and information on the website in the form of text, numbers, images, graphs, graphics, audio, & video.


PNB reserves its right to correct and update the contents of this website at any time at its sole discretion.

PNB maintains this website for general information. You may download material displayed on the website for non-commercial personal use only.

The contents of this website, in whole or part, shall not be printed, distributed, transmitted, modified, displayed or otherwise reproduced without the prior written permission of PNB.

While due caution is taken to ensure the correctness of content on the website, however, in case of any difference, the information as released by PNB in printed form will be deemed as the correct information.

For any incorrect information observed by you, please contact us.