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PNB SMS Banking

PNB SMS Banking


  • Available to customers registered for SMS Alert.
  • Track your accounts, round the clock.
  • Facilities available by sending keyword (Predefined formats according to services) through SMS to 5607040.
  • Be in smart position to detect any unauthorised access to your accounts.
  • SMS "PNB PROD" to 5607040 for list of services offered.

Registration for PNB SMS Banking

  • Visit your home branch and get your Mobile number registered in the account.
  • Please note that facility to set SMS password is available on PNB Internet banking as well as PNB One application.

Usage tips for customers- Banking operations

  • Check account balance, get Mini statement, get status of cheques, Execute stop payment of cheques and self transfer of funds (Rs. 5000/- daily limit) anytime.
  • To avail, send an SMS with the specified keyword to the SMS Banking number 5607040

For Balance Inquiry

PNB For Balance Inquiry

BAL /space/ 16 digit Account Number

For Mini Statement Inquiry

MINSTMT /space/Account Number

For Self Transfer of funds (Daily limit Rs. 5,000/- ):

SLFTRF /space/ FROM A/C /space/ TO A/C /space/ AMOUNT

For Cheque Status Inquiry:

CHQINQ /space/ 4 digit SMS PASSWORD /space/ CHEQUE NUMBER / space/ Account Number
e.g. CHQINQ 1234 123456 015300XXXXXXXXXX

For Stop Payment of Cheque:

STPCHQ /space/ SMS PASSWORD /space/ CHEQUE NUMBER/ space/ Account number
e.g. STPCHQ 1234 123456 015300XXXXXXXXXX

PNB SMS Alerts Services


PNB SMS Alerts Services
  • SMS Alerts on registered mobile number for all the transactions done through Cards (ATMs, POS, E Commerce), Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, CDM, etc.
  • Alerts for over the counter transactions for amount Rs. 5000/- & above. (Pension Accounts :- Rs. 1000/- & above).
  • Registration :-

    Mobile number can be registered through Branch.

PNB Sleep Easy

Sleep Easy- PNB takes care of your Money

  • Worried about your password security?
  • Disable your Internet/Mobile Banking password when not in use by simply sending an SMS.
    BLOCK IBS to 92640 92640 or 5607040 for Retail Internet Banking users.
    BLOCK MBS to 92640 92640 or 5607040 for Mobile Banking users.
  • Re-Enable with a Single Click.
  • PNB mobile app