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iCollectPro- Integrated Collection Module

Provides robust and a modularly designed solution which caters to end to end requirement of a corporate and ensures complete control of collection management business in an effective and efficient way.


Effective tool for management of high-volume cash and cheques.

Integrated MIS of cash and cheques deposits at different location across the country.

Automatic reconciliation of cash and cheque deposit at different locations across the country.

Bulk and single liquidation of transfer (LCC ONUS) cheque through CMS system.

Bulk and single entry of Clearing (LCC OFUS) cheque through CMS system.

Customised alerts through e-Mail and SMS to Corporate users.

iVirtualPro- Virtual Account Management (VAM)

iVirtualPro supports generation of virtual account number pattern based on corporate requirements. Auto verification of dealer/remitter account which enable the system to reject or post a transaction based on the positive authorisation received from the dealer/remitter account manager.


Virtual account series allocation to corporate customers

Linkage/mapping of various virtual accounts to corporate’s single collection account and crediting the main collection account maintained in the CBS.

Generating MIS for corporate as well as Bank

iReconPro: Receivables Management System (RMS)

Strategic solution for all corporate-wide reconciliation needs.


Reconciliation rules definitions to match document details (Invoice, Invoice Amount) against Payment data (Payment Amount, Enrichments)

Option to define multiple rules to match different types of documents.

Option to match document details based on FIFO, LIFO and best-fit methodology.

Reconciliation Types
# Auto Recon (Schedule based Recon)
# Manual Recon
# Un-Reconcile

Reconciliation Summary View showing Document Details matched against Payment Details. “On Behalf Mode” for Bank to carry out reconciliation for its corporate and provide required reconciliation information as MIS. .


Financial supply chain management is a financial solution that allows optimizing the flow of funds within a business, integrating financial processes with the overall supply chain. Key aspects include working capital, risk mitigation and efficiency improvement. This policy focuses on enhancing visibility, liquidity and collaboration between the stakeholders to achieve better financial outcomes throughout a Supply Chain. It extends the facility of short-term working capital finance to dealers/suppliers, who have business relationships with large corporate (Anchors).

Products offered are

Electronic Invoicing Presentment and Payment (EIPP)

Buyer Finance

Seller Finance

iMandatePro: (Direct Debit System)

This Module gives the feature of execution of Mandates in a smooth manner along with instant MIS for the same to Organizations/NBFC having loan instalment/ insurance or other collection premium on regular basis from customers / vendors / suppliers maintaining account with PNB. Corporate can process Auto Debit Mandates in a more convenient way with customizable and enriched MIS report formats.


Through iMandatePro, the corporates can manage -

Mandate registration (physical as well as e-Mandate and e-NACH)

Mandate upload

Mandate Modification

Mandate Cancellation

Check status of mandates

Debit file upload or auto-generation

Transaction query – Status of debit transaction.

Instant MIS Report.


Highly scalable, real time integrated payment solution for the corporate customers to meet their bulk payment needs through H2H connectivity.

Processes electronic payments through single file uploads.

Supports multiple file formats through H2H connectivity (API / SFTP) with Corporate ERPs for bulk and single payment requests (salary/commission/vendor/DBT payments, etc.)

Distributed Bulk Cheque writing (with/without Corporate’s facsimile signatures/logos, payment advises, etc.) at Corporate locations or Bank branches as per requirement.

Customized alerts through e-Mail and SMS to beneficiaries as well as Corporate users.

Cheques printed through CMS will be integrated with Positive Pay” system for eliminating cheque frauds.

Authorization matrix- Supports authorization rules like maker checker, self-authorizer or multilevel approval matrix for payment transaction.

Payment Methods include -

Own account transfer
Internal fund transfers (IFT)

Funds Collection Module (FCM)

Functionality customized in CBS to offer facility of fee/funds collection through cash, transfer, DD and clearing at all PNB branches. Beneficial for educational institutes/recruitment boards/companies/ Govt. entities/corporates/NBFCs for collection of fund/fee from students/dealers. Remitters may deposit fee along with Fee Challan customized as per client’s requirement. Break-up of total fee paid, under various sub-heads, are available in the form of customized MIS. The MIS may be provided to the institutes through e-mail or can be directly uploaded to its accounting system. Student’s/dealer’s database may also be uploaded to Bank’s system for validation at branches Collection of Fees/funds over the counter can be updated in institute data base on real time basis so that institute may generate MIS at their end.

Integrated Fee Portal (IFP)

PNB Integrated Fee Portal has been developed for online collection of various fees/dues from students/dealers of educational institutes/recruitment boards/companies/ Govt. entities registered with us. The fee portal link allows depositor to make payment of regular fees/dues online using debit card/credit card/Internet Banking of any Bank. System sends MIS reports to respective institutes at pre-defined times, in specified format. The facility is specially designed for the institutes who do not have their own website or who do not want to collect dues through their portal.

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