Service Tax

Introduction of Internet Banking through ICEGATE (CEP) payment gateway for collection of Indirect Taxes

The new CBIC E-Payment platform, a marquee initiative of CBIC (ICEGATE), enable the functionality for collecting both tax and non-tax receipts for CBIC on behalf of Third-party applications like CBIC GST, SEZ, RMCC and any other third-party application through multiple modes of payment i.e. NEFT/ RTGS and Internet Banking. The platform has been designed with real time API based integration between ICEGATE and all stakeholders to provide superior user experience of payment to the Taxpayer and real-time accounting and settlement of government revenues.

Key Stakeholders of CBIC e-payment:

  • II. Third party applications – ACES, SEZ, RMCC, ECCS, e-BR and other application
  • III. RBI
  • IV. Banks
  • V. Pr. CCA

Our Bank is one of the agency Bank to integrate with ICEGATE on the above platform w.e.f. 1st April, 2023. The Standard Operating Procedure to be followed for challan generation and payment by the customer is as below.

Generation of Challan: -

  • A. Challan (or a payment instruction) shall be generated in the respective Third-Party application.
  • B. The Third-party application will send the Challan details to ICEGATE on real time basis. Combination of attributes ENTITY TYPE, CHALLAN NUMBER, CHALLAN DATE, CHALLAN STATUS, ID NUMBER will be used to identify a unique challan record.

The Taxpayer can initiate the challan payment transaction on ICEGATE e-payment portal, (

Payment Modes:

Internet Banking

  • Select Netbanking as payment option and the PNB as Bank, he will be then redirected to the PNB Internet Banking facility.
  • Once a payment has been initiated for payment through Net banking, the selected challan(s) will be locked for initiation of another transaction for a period of 2 hours. After the period of 2 hours, the lock on the challan will be lifted and user can initiate a fresh transaction with the same set of unpaid challans or a new group of challans.
  • Enter the login credentials (User ID and Password) of Internet Banking for Payment of the selected challans.
  • Retail user transactions – These transactions are completed as and when the transaction is successful and customer account is debited.
  • Corporate user transaction – These transactions are initiated by maker – and transaction is completed when a checker approves the transaction.