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Honouring the senior citizens of India

Personal Loan Scheme for Pensioners

PNB has introduced special loan schemes for senior citizens with low interest rates such as Personal Loan Scheme for `Pensioners` to meet immediate requirements such as Medical Expenses. The scheme helps in realising the vision of serving people for a better quality of life.

A Few Other Attractions for SENIOR CITIZENS

  • The Senior citizens of age 60 years and above to below 80 years shall get an additional rate of interest of 50 bps over applicable card rates for a period up to 5years and 80bps for a period above 5 years on domestic deposits of less than Rs. 2 Crore. Super Senior Citizens of age 80 years & above shall get additional rate of interest of 80bps over applicable card rate across all maturity buckets.
  • Free Remittance of Retirement Dues to any branch of PNB at a place to which the Senior Citizen hails or plan to settle down after retirement.
  • Free Collection of retirement dues in respect of Retired Govt./Public/Private Sector employees.
  • Free Collection of Cheques*
  • 50% Concession on all types of remittance*
  • Immediate Credit of Outstation Cheques upto Rs.15,000/-.
  • Free Discount/Collection of Pension Bills/Cheques of Pensioners retired from Central/State Govt. and Armed Forces.
  • Free Remittances, Free Cheques Books & Collection/Discount of Pension Bills/Cheques for FREEDOM FIGHTER, their WIDOWS/WIDOWERS.
  • New Attractive Pass Books containing facilities available to Senior Citizens.
  • Free Nomination Facility.
and many more on maintaining specific balance

* Condition apply

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