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What is UPI ?

Unified Payments Interface (UPI) is a 24*7 payment system. You can link multiple bank accounts linked to your mobile number on any UPI enabled apps and make instant inter-bank payments.

How is UPI different from existing transaction mechanisms ?

UPI is providing additional benefits to existing mechanisms in the following ways:

  • Cross-Compatibility: You can download any UPI enabled app for making payments. Single app for funds transfer using any account of any bank.
  • Quick transfer - No need to add beneficiary
  • Scan & Pay – Scan QR of any merchant to make payments in a flash.
  • Collect Money – raise collect money request to request money from a UPI User
  • Accept Collect Request – You can also accept to pay someone who has requested money from you.
  • AutoPay – set mandates for recurring payments.
  • Apply for ASBA through UPI

UPI is available on which platforms ?

You can access UPI through following platforms:

  • Smartphones – by downloading the UPI apps
  • PNB Internet Banking
  • PNB One
  • Dialling *99#
  • IVR based payments is coming soon

Do I need to register for making transactions using UPI ?

Yes, you need to register on UPI enabled apps, link your bank accounts and set UPI pin before performing transactions.

I am not a customer of PNB, can I still use the PNB UPI application ?

FAQ: I am not a customer of PNB, can I still use the BHIM PNB application?
Answer: Yes, you can use BHIM PNB App even if you are not a PNB Customer, and add accounts maintained in other banks participating in UPI.

What are the requirements for using UPI ?

While registering for UPI, please ensure you have following:

  • A smartphone with internet services and balance to send activation SMS
  • Operative bank account
  • Mobile number must be registered in the bank account.
  • Active debit card linked to the account.

Are there any additional charges for transactions done using UPI ?

Currently, there are no charges for transactions done through UPI.

How do I register in the BHIM PNB UPI application ?

FAQ: How do I register in the BHIM PNB application?

  • Tap CLICK ME to verify your mobile number.
  • A silent SMS will be automatically sent from your mobile for verification.
  • The SMS should be sent from the mobile number registered with the bank accounts. In case of dual- SIM phones, please ensure the SMS is delivered from the mobile number registered with the bank.
  • After your mobile number is verified, the New Registration screen is displayed. Fill in the required details.
  • Create six digits’ numeric password for logging in to application and confirm the same.
  • Add your bank account
  • Set UPI pin for the bank account

What are the different channels for transferring funds using UPI ?

FAQ: What are the different modes for transferring funds using UPI?

You can make UPI payments through following modes:

  • Mobile Number
  • UPI ID/ Virtual address
  • Account Number + IFSC
  • Collect Money
  • Collect money approval
  • Scan QR & Pay
  • AutoPay/ recurring mandate

How do I link my bank account with UPI ?

After successful registration with UPI, click on Add Bank Account. Choose your bank from the list, the bank should be UPI participant. Your mobile number must be registered to the bank account.

Why am I not able to connect on UPI ?

FAQ: Why I am not able to register my accounts on UPI?

The reason may be:

  • Your account may have become Dormant/ inactive.
  • Mobile Number from which you are trying to register may not be linked to your Account.
  • Account should be Savings, Current or Overdraft.
  • The mode of operation should be Self or either/survivor or Anyone or Survivor or Sole Proprietor
  • UPI is blocked

If any other issue, please contact your respective bank for resolution.

I am able to see accounts which do not belong to me. What should I do ?

It might be the case that your mobile number is mistakenly registered against the account number in question. Please contact the respective bank whose account is visible.

All my accounts are not visible. Why ?

As of now in PNB UPI :

  • Accounts should be either Savings, current or Overdraft.
  • The mode of operation should be self/Either or Survivor/Anyone or Survivor.
  • Maximum 5 accounts will be listed.

What is `Virtual Address` ? How do I create one ?

Virtual address is created as an alias for your bank account. For receiving money, you only need to share your virtual address or UPI ID with the sender and not the complete account details. As a sender, only your virtual address will be visible to beneficiary and not the complete account number.

What is UPI PIN ? How do I set UPI PIN ?

After successfully linking your bank account, you have to create UPI pin (separately for each bank account) through following process:

  • Enter last 6 digits of debit card and expiry date
  • Enter ATM pin
  • Enter the OTP sent by bank
  • Enter desired UPI Pin and confirm the same.

Please enter the details on your UPI enabled app only. Never share these details with anyone else.

Why am I not able to set UPI PIN for my account despite entering valid debit card details ?

Please contact your bank for the same. Please do not share details of your debit card with any bank official or any other person.

How can I perform transactions using UPI ?

Send Money:

  • Choose account from which you wish to send money
  • Enter the details of beneficiary (UPI ID or mobile number or Account +IFSC)
  • Enter the amount
  • Check the details
  • Enter UPI Pin
  • Money is sent

Collect Money:

  • Enter UPI ID of the person from whom you wish to receive money
  • Enter the amount
  • Collect Request is raised

Collect Money Approval:

  • Click on “Approve Request” menu in your UPI app or check the request in notifications tab.
  • Validate the details
  • Enter UPI Pin
  • Request is Approved – money is sent

Scan & Pay:

  • Scan the QR
  • Check the details
  • Enter UPI Pin
  • Money is sent


  • Choose the beneficiary
  • Set the frequency of the mandate
  • Enter the amount
  • Enter UPI Pin
  • Automatic debit is enabled – account will be debited at set frequency for the entered amount.

How can I track my transactions ? Where do I register a complaint with reference to the UPI transaction ?

  • Click on Transaction History
  • Choose the Transaction for which you wish to view details
  • In case of concerns, log a complaint by writing the relevant remarks
  • Alternatively, for PNB acccounts you may mail the concern at supportupi@pnb.co.in

Can I use more than one UPI application on the same mobile ?

Yes, one can use more than one UPI application on the same mobile and link accounts of any bank registered with UPI.

Can I keep more than one Virtual Address for an account ?

Yes, for a given bank account, more than one virtual address up to maximum of 3 can be created.

What if my account is debited but the transaction fails ?

The amount will be settled within a few minutes and latest by next working day. In case of further complaints, please reach out to your respective bank.

Can I put a stop payment request for funds transferred by UPI ?

No, once the payment is initiated, it cannot be stopped.

Can I transfer money abroad using UPI ?

Yes, If you are visiting abroad, you can now scan the QR of local merchants to make payments. Valid only in selected countries.

*For details, please check your UPI app

If I change my UPI app/Handset/SIM will I be required to register again or can I carry the same virtual address ?

In case of change in UPI app version /Handset/SIM, you need to re-register with the same process of mobile number verification and no need to create new/change virtual address.

What happens if my mobile phone is being used by other person or is lost ?

In such a scenario, do not worry. The UPI app authenticates your identity through mobile number. In case of theft, get your mobile number blocked through your service provider. In addition, PIN would be required both for logging into the application and authorizing transaction. So the possibility of security breach is minimized. As a practice, never disclose your PIN to anyone.

I have faced unauthorized debit through UPI

In case of unauthorized debit through PNB account linked on any UPI enabled app, please block UPI through following channels:

  • Branch
  • Call centre
  • Forwarding debit SMS to 92640 92640
  • Internet Banking
  • PNB one
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